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A Young Adult Micro Church Planting Missions Sending Movement

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL is a global network for all UTN grads who will be church planters and missionaries.

Through Equip Church Global we offer our graduating UTN students a lifelong relationship as a family &  community member for fellowship, mentoring & prayer to live a strong Spirit-filled fruitful Christian life, for supernatural one-on-one evangelism, to make disciples that make disciples, for leadership, church & marketplace ministry and for micro church planting and missions work to poor children & their families.s

EQUIP CHRUCH GLOBAL J12 Leadership Model

In the J12 Leadership Model, each member of the group is asked to start his own cell/micro church–either separately or with one or two others that he has brought to the cell/micro church. When the cell/micro church member converts into a cell\micro church leader, he continues to meet with his original cell/micro church leader, either in the normal cell/micro church group or in a separate discipleship meeting.

Each Cell/Micro Church Leader Seeks Twelve Disciples

In the J12 Leadership Model, each cell\micro church leader seeks twelve disciples. Where does the leader look to find disciples? In his own cell group. The goal of the cell\micro church leader is to convert the cell\micro church members into active leaders of cell\micro church groups, thus becoming disciples. To accomplish this, the cell\micro church member must first attend an Encounter retreat, followed by an intensive period of cell\micro church leadership training and an additional spiritual retreat. Only after this process can the cell\micro church member become a cell\micro church leader and thus a disciple.